GRAT Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the ABA Grassroots Action Team? 

The Grassroots Action Team is a network of ABA members who feel strongly about legislative issues that impact the justice system. Team members, as lawyers and constituents, generally communicate with their own Members of Congress through personal meetings and correspondence to educate them on issues of concern to the organized bar. 

What are the benefits of joining? 

Joining the Grassroots Action Team provides the opportunity for greater participation in the ABA, as well as the opportunity to play a role in the development of public policy that furthers the interests of justice, promotes the legal profession, and establishes the rule of law. 

The ABA has a governmental affairs office. Why do you need me? 

The GAO actively works with Congress and the Executive Branch on a daily basis. However, effective contacts from ABA members, as local community leaders, lawyers and constituents, are an integral part of our lobbying efforts and the reason for our success. 

I know my Senator and Representative well – my Senator’s children attend the same school as mine, and I went to law school with my Representative. Does that help? 

Absolutely. Communications from “key contacts” such as you are very influential. Key contacts play a vital role in the ABA’s legislative advocacy program. 


How much time will it take? 

We recognize that you have a very busy schedule and we will limit our requests for assistance to only the most pressing situations. 


What are the ABA’s current Legislative and Governmental Priorities and how are they selected? 

The ABA Board of Governors works with ABA and state and local bar leaders to identify annual legislative priorities. The priorities, which may vary from year to year, are announced at the ABA mid-year Meeting. Detailed information on each current priority and selection criteria is provided on the ABA GAO website at 


How will I know when to contact Congress? 

You will receive a personal phone call from GAO staff and/or an Action Alert by e-mail, along with background information and a fact sheet on the issue. Breaking news and more detailed information are available on the Grassroots Action Center.