About Us

The American Bar Association, through its Governmental Affairs Office (GAO), actively works with Congress and the Executive Branch on a daily basis. However, effective contacts from ABA members and state/local/specialty bar leaders, in their roles as local community leaders, lawyers and constituents, are an integral part of our lobbying efforts and a reason for our success.

Join a Winning Team!

The ABA has been very successful with our grassroots lobbying efforts achieving victories in many areas, including:

  • Independence of the Judiciary

  • Federal funding for the Legal Services Corporation and its local grantees nationwide

  • Modification of the Justice Department's and CFTC's cooperation standards and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to protect the attorney-client privilege

  • Changes to the House-passed version of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act (H.R. 4173) that exempt lawyers engaged in the practice of law

  • The McDade/Murtha law, requiring federal government attorneys to adhere to state supreme court ethics rules

  • Federal funding for indigent defense

  • And many more...